July 2012

The Problem with the EU Cookie Law

The so-called EU Cookie Law has been a classic case of entirely foreseeable unforeseen consequences. Its net result will be to make people less protected against privacy-invading tracking. This is because after a few weeks of sites asking ‘Do you want to read 5 pages of gobbledegook or just press the Accept Cookies button?’, everyone can be confidently expected to press Accept Cookies reflexively in order to be able to get on with buying that comedy sock they came to the site to buy in the first place. Read more

Optimor Redesign

By February 2012 the company website for Optimor, http://optimorlabs.com/ had not been updated since 2008. You can see the old version of the site in the Internet Wayback Machine. Amongst other problems, the ‘latest news’ article was about billmonitor’s launch a few years ago and used the old capitalization of the name. There was no budget to get a designer in to update it, so I took it on myself. Read more