November 2004

Death to Java! Death! Death! Death!

At work I keep my work-log and my work plan in one big XML document (actually one per client, for the sake of limiting the enormity of the files). This single document is then sliced and diced through various XSL transforms to create different views: for example, when you look at the entry for one task, you see all the notes describing that task and the work I did on it, and when you look at the log for a particular day, you see the notes for that day regardless of which task they belong to. Read more

Percy Street badge

I created the new Percy Street graphic last night. Since I keep the info about what graphics files go in which pages in an XML file, it is easy to do this using XSLT—this is how the HTML pages are generated as well. When there is a new last page, the link graphic will be updated automagically. I spent some time trying to use animateColor to animate the highlight when you move the mouse over the links, but in the end there were always problems with the animation being restarted and stuff so I settled for the simpler option, set. Read more

SVG works with FireFox 1.0 on Mac OS X

More than once I have moaned about the lack of useful SVG support in Mozilla browsers such as FireFox. I installed FireFox 1.0 on my PowerBook this morning, and when I visited my front page I was surprised and delighted to see that the SVG graphics are being displayed! Read more