Percy Street badge

I created the new Percy Street graphic last night. Since I keep the info about what graphics files go in which pages in an XML file, it is easy to do this using XSLT—this is how the HTML pages are generated as well. When there is a new last page, the link graphic will be updated automagically. I spent some time trying to use animateColor to animate the highlight when you move the mouse over the links, but in the end there were always problems with the animation being restarted and stuff so I settled for the simpler option, set.

I discovered to my suprise that the a (link anchor) elements, used to make links in the same way a elements work in HTML, interpret partial URI references relative to the hosting HTML page, not relative to the SVG file. This matters because the SVG file is actually in ../../2005/percy/teaser.svg and is embeded in a page /pdc/index.html. I had expected that a link to percy-23.html to navigate to ../../2005/percy/percy-23.html; instead it went to /pdc/percy-23.svg, which does not exist. This is inconsistent with the treatment of image elements, for which URI references are interpreted relative to the SVG file (just as well, since otherwise most SVGs would lose their images). After poking about in the the SVG 1.1 specification, I see it cites XMLBase, which I think would mean that links out of an SVG document are interpreted relative to the document's URL. Something for the clever programmers working on Adobe SVG Viewer to worry about for version 6.

Update (10 Dec. 2005). Percy Street is now drawn under the pseudonym Leckford. See Leckford's LiveJournal for updates.