Airport Express requires Panther

Apple's Airport Express is a dinky wireless-network access point that also plugs your PowerBook wirelessly in to your stereo. I'm actually tempted to (finally) join my friends in their wirelessness. There is one snag: you need the latest Mac OS X version.

Check the system requirements: with Mac OS X 10.2.7 (Jaguar), one may use a wireless network implemented with AirPort Express, but will need a 10.3 (Panther) system to set up the base station. I assume that setting up the base station is a requirement of using it? I wonder if its settings are persistent -- perhaps I could persuade Jenni to visit with her eMac.

Also, AirTunes (the software that connects iTunes to your stereo via the wireless network) is only supported on Panther.

While I would quite like to upgrade to Panther, the next version of Max OS X, Tiger, is due to be announced in a few weeks' time and available in Autumn, which would leave me annoyingly one version behind Steve Jobs again.