Submit Picture page versus caching

The Picky Picky game had a bug which mainly affected Teacake (badasstronaut): pictures submitted for the current panel would instead turn up in last week's panel (the one being voted on), or even once in the panel from the week before!

I have tracked down the problem to the URL used for the submission form, which includes the panel number for reasons more to do with elegance than practicality. As a result, if you are looking at an out-of-date version of the picture form, it will submit the picture to the wrong panel.

The HTML page containing the form is returned as a static page, and should be cacheable in the usual way. My guess as to why Debra's seeing this problem is that perhaps her campus network is being over-enthusiastic with its caching.

My fix for the problem is to allow the special panel number current, which always means the current panel!