July 2003

New layout for archive pages

I have fiddled with the layout of the archive pages of the Picky Picky Game so that (a) it lays out all the panels in one row, rather than wrapping to multiple tiers per page, andf (b) it uses an HTML table to achieve the layout. This should remove the occasional glitch where cycling panels caused the layout to change. Read more

Picky Picky Disaster

Yesterday the server hosting our Picky Picky Game suffered a hardware failure, and for some reason we have lost all additions to the object database since it went live. After discussion on LiveJournal, enough people found pictures cached in their web browsers that I have been able to reconstruct an archive of the completed panels (with only a couple of lacunae), and so we plan to start the game afresh, with the output of the previous game inserted as Page 0 of its archive. Read more