January 2016

Slimming My Blog Page

After reading the text version of a talk by Maciej Cegłowski titled The Web Obesity Epidemic I felt pretty smug because I thought I had redesigned my blog on reasonably minimal lines. Then I checked and was chagrined to discover a recent entry page was 1.01 MB compared with Maciej Cegłowski’s entire talk weighing in at slightly less than 1 MB. I decided to try to work out where I went wrong. Read more

Programming in the Future with Webpack

I figured that the first step in fiddling with the JavaScript code I use on my navigation widget will be to convert it in to a more fashionable build system, such as Webpack. Can I reduce the bandwidth usage of my pages thereby? Read more

Inline SVG in HTML5

In my quest to reduce the bandwidth used by my blog entries, I have reduced the user-pic from 42 KB to 6 KB using inline SVG. Read more