September 2011

Behold! As I Mock Time!

I believe in Test-Driven Development but had somehow had never gotten around to using mock objects until a few months ago. They’re super-useful when testing classes that write to files or query remote databases or what-have-you, or when the rest of your system is big and hairy and setting up tests takes ridiculously more work than the test itself. Read more

Idea: Levelling up to Four Wheels

The latest road-safety nonsense is the report saying that cyclists must not be consulted on cycling facilities because the opinions of people who don’t cycle more significant if they are to be enticed out of their cars. I don’t believe that creating yet more poorly maintained and subtly dangerous cycle tracks will increase cycling amongst motorists. So long as they cleave to Jeremy Clarkeson’s line that only freaks and weirdos ride bikes, most people will not even be able to imagine doing it themselves. Read more

Attribution and Identification

I want to make it so artists can say whether they want to allow their texture packs to be remixed and specifically whether Texturejam is allowed to allow visitors to download remixed packs. To do this I need to be able to identify the pack in question. Even if we assume honest dealing from all the people involved, this is a tricky problem. Read more