April 2012

Kanbo: A Sortable Task Grid

Today is the traditional date for announcing improbable projects and absurd collaborations, so here’s mine. Kanbo is a task board based vaguely on the boards used in agle-development approaches like Scrum and Kanban (and variations with names like Scrum-ban, Lean, Agile, and what-have-you). Read more

Stories versus Tasks in the Land of the Agile

The current Kanbo prototype refers to the cards you drag around the board as ‘stories’, but depending on the flavour of agile development you are pursuing, it should instead have tasks, or even both stories and tasks. Read more

Making Cards Sortable for Kanbo

The plan with Kanbo is to skip having priority fields for tasks and instead to just let the cards be rearranged in whatever order you like. This poses a couple of technical challenges: first, the only nice user interface for rearranging things is drag-and-drop, and second, relational databases are notoriously wedded to the idea that entities are an unordered set, so how should the order be represented? Read more