December 2003

Alleged Tarot brush-up (2)

I want to make the SVG version of my Alleged Tarot virtual deck more self-contained (if only for the sake of SVG-only browsers like Batik). The problem was, the HTML pages for the cards include extra info, such as the commentary. To address this, I have added the commentaries (such as they are) to the cards in the form of a fancy pop-up window complete with fancy animation. Read more

Alleged Tarot brush-up (3)

The SVG-powered simulated deal now works on Safari. In the end I achieved this by using the special attribute that signals to Adobe that it should use its own JavaScript engine, not its host’s (in this case, Safari’s). I have also belatedly switched the script to using document.URL to find its URL rather than the HTML-style (which fails on Safari as well). Read more

Dates Dates Dates

Once again the Picky Picky Game had problems calculating dates. Alas! that the Python-2.3 datetime module arived too late to carry this burden on my behalf. This time it was not month #0 that caused problems, but, predictably perhaps, month #13. Feh. Read more