May 2008

My Own Fonts!

If you are reading my front page in Apple Safari 3, then you will see the headline in a nonsensical font I just invented. This is a novelty made possible by the combination of two different bits of work from unrelated corners of the interwebs: Safari’s support for the CSS web-fonts module, and a web-based font editor FontStruct from FontShop. Read more

Dictionary Literals in C#

C# Does not have a nice way to represent a dictionary as a single value: you can only create an empty dictionary and add entries one by one. Which is annoyingly verbose if you are used to a more reasonable programming language, Read more

Identity and CAP Alert Messages

CAP is the OASIS Common Alerting Protocol, which is a specification of an XNL format for disseminating warnings of hurricanes, earthquakes, and suchlike. The CAP v1.1 format is mandated by the European R&D project I am working on. This is an inconvenience, because CAP is badly flawed XML standard. I am going to discuss here some of the problems I have had with message identity as defined by CAP. Read more