February 2008

Some Bold (and Italic) Thoughts on HTML 5

Internationalization Activity leader Richard Ishida comments on the HTML 5 draft, The formerly deprecated b and i elements of HTML are defined in terms of their appearance: for example, the name of a ship can be bracketed with <i>…</i>, because ship names are italicized. The problem is, of course, that this applies to English, but not to Japanese, for example. Should these tags be suppressed in favour of something ‘more semantic’ (whatever that means)? Read more

Microsoft’s ‘X-UA-Compatible’ Rethought in the Style of HTTP

There is some controversy over the proposal by the Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 team to support a new header X-UA-Compatible in IE8. Leaving aside the argument as to whether this header should exist at all, there is the question of whether anyone at Microsoft has read RFC 2616 (the HTTP 1.1 specification) and spent as much as five minutes considering how to make their header fit in to the established conventions. Read more