Door Zone Hazard Sign

Here’s another idea of a hazard sign for cycle lanes, continuing form my previous post. Cyclists sometimes travel too near the left edge of the road, or too close to parked cars for safety. Cycle lanes should not encourage this.

(black diamond) (photo of a cycle lane) (cycle squeezer photo)

Here’s my proposed sign, and a few illustrations of places that might use it. The first example is in Cambridge (via Cycle Facility of the Month), the second in Oxford (photo by me).

This sign is possibly snarkier than some of the others, since it is only requred when the cycle lane was wrongly desgined in the first place: the Sustrans guidelines recommend a half-metre or metre-wide hatched separator between cars and lane, but this is rarely included because of lack of space. In these cases there should be no cycle lane painted. The attitude that any cycle lane is better than no cycle lane needs to be challenged; obliging the council to include a hazard sign might help.