Texturepacker Recipes with Parameters

In my previous entry, I described how Texturepacker can be used to create Beta-1.3-compatible texture packs from Beta-1.2-supporting packs. Now I have made it possible to streamline the process by passing packs as parameters to recipes.

Free Samples

Here are 3 packs I have prepared this way for people waiting for updates:

Pack and home page Ersatz Beta-1.3 version
Eldpack eldpack_v3.3+beta1.3.zip
Frenden Frenden6_1a+beta1.3.zip
Pixelade pixelade+beta1.3.zip

These are obviously not as good as the upcoming versions will be, but it will enable you to carry on playing Minecraft while waiting for the real thing to be released.

Update (27 Feb.): Eldpack 3.4 supports Beta 1.3 so my ersatz pack no longer required.

How it works

The new recipe starts like this:

    - beta12
label: "{{ beta12.label }} + Beta 1.3"
desc: "{{ beta12.desc }}"
… rest as before …

I can now use this recipe as follows:

maketexture -v --output=pixelade+beta1.3.zip \
    examples/beta-1.3.tprx  \

This identifies the Pixelade pack using its download URL. This is downloaded and its pack.txt used to supply parts of the label and desc fields of the new pack. The result is pixelade+beta1.3.zip.

Er, this will not make much sense until I get the recipe syntax for Texturepacker documented. In the meantime use the links above and enjoy!