Too Much Texture-Pack Hosting

One of the problems for someone wanting to use Minecraft texture packs is not that there is no central repository of texture packs, but that there are many.

Off the top of my head:

The biggest problem is with the commercial hosting services, which tend to like to provide download links that cannot be used to download the file directly: they instead show a page which performs a redirect to the actual data file, or, worse, to a page full of adverts in which the user much click a further button to get the download. These shenanigans rather undermine my attempts to allow Texturejam to rely on their existing hosting.

On the other hand Texturecraft provides a straightforward download link direct to the ZIP file, which for my purposes is ideal.

I have also been having an exasperating time creating examples of the Beta-1.3 upgrade—often I fight Mediafire for a copy of the texture pack, do the upgrades, test the pack, go to the forums to post a link to it, and discover that there was a newer version of the pack on a different texture-pack-hosting service that makes the whole exercise redundant. Grr. I am beginning to think that finding a way to disentangle this mess might be a useful service in its own right.