Texturejam and Minecraft Beta 1.5

I have updated Texturejam to support Minecraft Beta 1.5.

Basically this entails adding texture tiles for new blocks and items to the special ‘component pack’ I use when extending existing texture packs to support the new Beta. There are eight new tiles:

  • Powered rail (lit and unlit)
  • Detector rail
  • Spruce and birch saplings
  • Side grass
  • Two more redstone tiles

The first six of these were tweeted by Jeb ahead of the release of 1.5, so I was able to have a go at drawing the first five ahead of time. I did not know what a power rail would look like, so I did my best to draw a cog in the middle of a rail piece and added some redstone dust decorations.

(texture tiles)

I similarly guessed a detector rail would look like a rail combined with pressure plate.

I was not sure what the side-grass tile would look be. I thought it might be a greyscale grass block with transparent parts, but it was not until the release of 1.5 that I was sure. Once I had that I was able to create a Texturepacker map for the new components and update the upgrade recipes. All the ‘upgrade packs’ now work with Beta 1.5. Great!

Except when I tried trying them out I discovered that redstone had gone strange—replaced with purple squares, for example. I checked the default texture and discovered two empty tiles have been added in positions adjacent to the new-style redstone tile. So I was able to fix my recipe by adding the two blank tiles to my component pack, updating the maps, etc., and now the upgrades work!