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GroovyStipple, a texture pack for Minecraft

Minecraft is a silly video game that is not yet complete but can be yours for €9.95 until 20 December. The game world is rendered as a collection of blocks with 16×16 textures painted on them. You can replace the textures, giving the world a whole different look. I have one which I need to call something so I will call it GroovyStipple. Read more

GroovyStipple update

I have updated my Minecraft texture packs, GroovyStipple and SmoothStipple texture packs. the main differences—apart from tweaking sone of the shadow colours—is that I redesigned the bedrock and tilled-soil textures. Read more

GroovyStipple R7: Alternative Track Corners

Mine-cart tracks in Minecraft have two textures: straight track and a 90° corner. You can run diagonal lines, and carts will happily travel on them in a straight 45° line, but because it is rendered using corner pieces, it looks like a wriggly line. This vexes people who do not think that train tracks don’t look right when they make abrupt turns. Read more

Minecraft Texture Maker

I have started working on a little utility program for assembling Minecraft texture packs. Its working title is Minecraft Texture Maker. With it I an do mundane tasks like assembling the files in a directory in to the ZIP archive that gets published, and also create new texture packs by remixing existing ones. I have a vague ambition to elaborate it in to a web app for remixing packs, but it is useful already. Read more

Texturepacker and Minecraft Beta 1.3

Minecraft Beta 1.3 was released yesterday and it includes some new items, which require support in your custom texture pack if you have one. I was quite pleased that I was able to concoct a usable version of my packs using my texture-pack-remixing work-in-progress, now named Texturepacker. Read more

Texturejam Vision

I am making some changes to the way the Texturejam web app works to improve the clarity of attribution in remixed texture packs. Here’s how the new system works (or will work, when it is done), and why. Read more