GroovyStipple, a texture pack for Minecraft

Minecraft is a silly video game that is not yet complete but can be yours for €9.95 until 20 December. The game world is rendered as a collection of blocks with 16×16 textures painted on them. You can replace the textures, giving the world a whole different look. I have one which I need to call something so I will call it GroovyStipple.

I am aiming for an unrealistic, diagrammatic look, using a different stippling pattern for different types of material—this makes it a high-visibility texture. (Click the images to seem them larger.)

(screenshot) (screenshot) (screenshot) (screenshot)

The second picture shows how different ore types have different patterns as well as colours, which might conceivably be useful to a colourblind player.

I have a variation called SmoothStipple which has the same patterns but without the groove effect along the borders between blocks. Here’s a shot illustrating the difference:


The texture packs only include terrain imagery so far: things like mobs, tools, and signs still look as normal. These are still works in progress.

You can get the ZIP files here:

To install them, click on Mods and Textures in the Minecraft main menu, use it to visit the textures directory and copy or move the ZIP files there.