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GroovyStipple, a texture pack for Minecraft

Minecraft is a silly video game that is not yet complete but can be yours for €9.95 until 20 December. The game world is rendered as a collection of blocks with 16×16 textures painted on them. You can replace the textures, giving the world a whole different look. I have one which I need to call something so I will call it GroovyStipple. Read more

GroovyStipple update

I have updated my Minecraft texture packs, GroovyStipple and SmoothStipple texture packs. the main differences—apart from tweaking sone of the shadow colours—is that I redesigned the bedrock and tilled-soil textures. Read more

GroovyStipple R7: Alternative Track Corners

Mine-cart tracks in Minecraft have two textures: straight track and a 90° corner. You can run diagonal lines, and carts will happily travel on them in a straight 45° line, but because it is rendered using corner pieces, it looks like a wriggly line. This vexes people who do not think that train tracks don’t look right when they make abrupt turns. Read more