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Idea: Levelling up to Four Wheels

The latest road-safety nonsense is the report saying that cyclists must not be consulted on cycling facilities because the opinions of people who don’t cycle more significant if they are to be enticed out of their cars. I don’t believe that creating yet more poorly maintained and subtly dangerous cycle tracks will increase cycling amongst motorists. So long as they cleave to Jeremy Clarkeson’s line that only freaks and weirdos ride bikes, most people will not even be able to imagine doing it themselves. Read more

Idea: Hazard Signs for Cycle Lanes

Most people think cycle lanes and cycle tracks are automatically safe—after all, that‘s what the people in charge put them for, right? In fact, if you put town planners to the question, they admit that cycle lanes are there to create the perception of safety in the minds of people not yet brave enough to ride a bike in the streets. There is another function of cycle lanes, which is making it easier for motor-cars to overtake cycles, thus improving traffic flow. Read more

Door Zone Hazard Sign

Here’s another idea of a hazard sign for cycle lanes, continuing form my previous post. Cyclists sometimes travel too near the left edge of the road, or too close to parked cars for safety. Cycle lanes should not encourage this. Read more

Pictures of Words

Rather than bemoaning the bandwidth wasted and accessibility thwarted by the modern habit of posting pictures of text online, often as a way to get around the character-count limit on Twitter, let’s design an image format designed expressly for pictures of words. Read more

Idea: Microstalks

We need a measure of loss of privacy analagous to the micromort to enable us to compare the cost of different ‘free’ web services. Read more