Running to Stand Still

How tedious are blog posts about the process of hosting a blog! But how pleased is 2018 me that past me documented the process since otherwise I would have no idea where any of it is.

There are a few things that mean I need to rework my blog software, for various reasons:

  • Django is transitioning to being Python-3-only, so I need to switch to Python 3
  • Project Wonderful is shutting down, so I need to remove it from the layout
  • It’s long past time I made this site work with HTTPS (no idea if HTTP2 an option)
  • Some parts of the site using SVG have succumbed to bit-rot


Main things to update:

To do

  • Do I want to keep the Twitter button? Add a Mastodon button?
  • See whether it it is straightforward to uprade to HTTP2
  • Redo navigation to be less annoying
  • SVG fonts are no longer supoorted
  • OTF fonts are not universally supported (not sure if they ever were)
  • New style sheets because why not make more work for myself
  • Look in to relme auth, webmentions, microblogging
  • Update server to the latest Ubuntu LTS

I am updating this list after the fact (I did not think of all these things in one sitting) and I will write up the steps and link to them from this page.