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Self-Curation and the Fall and Rise of SVG

I have started converting my weblog to use a new Django-based system. The old system used text files, one per entry, to generate static HTML; the new system uses the same text files as before—warts and all. Read more

Simplify, simplify, simplify with React

I wanted to have a little React project of my own to play with, so I have React-ified the entry navigator links on my blog pages. This is partly to in order to get some practice in with this different way of approaching JavaScript interactivity. Read more

Slimming My Blog Page

After reading the text version of a talk by Maciej Cegłowski titled The Web Obesity Epidemic I felt pretty smug because I thought I had redesigned my blog on reasonably minimal lines. Then I checked and was chagrined to discover a recent entry page was 1.01 MB compared with Maciej Cegłowski’s entire talk weighing in at slightly less than 1 MB. I decided to try to work out where I went wrong. Read more

Programming in the Future with Webpack

I figured that the first step in fiddling with the JavaScript code I use on my navigation widget will be to convert it in to a more fashionable build system, such as Webpack. Can I reduce the bandwidth usage of my pages thereby? Read more

Inline SVG in HTML5

In my quest to reduce the bandwidth used by my blog entries, I have reduced the user-pic from 42 KB to 6 KB using inline SVG. Read more

Porting my Blog to Python 3

My last Mac OS update replaced Python, which as usual broke the virtualenvs I use and when building a new virtualenv it seemed like as good a time as any to upgrade to Python 3 and Django 2.0. This lead to a lot of ‘adventures’ as I discovered how well Python 3 is or isn’t supported in my setup. Read more

Django Updates

Now I have upgraded to Python-3, porting my site to Django 2.0 was pretty straightforward. Read more

Updating jeremyday.uk

I build a web site for Jeremy Day and I have now spent several hours updating it to the latest Django and Python versions. Read more

Syndication Links

I am scratching me head over transitioning from using the Twitter button on my blog pages and toward some kind of IndieWeb solution with syndication link. Read more

New Article Navigator

A few years back I created an interactive article navigator as an exercise in learning React. I thought I’d see what it was like doing it over now I’ve been writing UIs in React for a few years. Read more