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Recipe for Deploying with Git

One of the requests for the new Jeremy Day site was to have her LiveJournal copied to the front page. My first thought was to use jQuery’s wrapper around XMLHttpRequest to pull in the Atom feed and process that with XSLT—but I had forgotten the ban on cross-site requests. I decided the correct solution was to get my own proper server at last, so I could host a cached copy of the LiveJournal page there. (I have since been told that it is possible to instead use some gadget from Yahoo.) Read more

URL Routing > URL Rewriting

One of the differences between Django and many older web application platforms such as PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, etc., is that it has no implicit URL routes: every URL that is handled by your Django site is handled by matching it in a URLconf. And this is a good thing. Read more

Kanbo: A Sortable Task Grid

Today is the traditional date for announcing improbable projects and absurd collaborations, so here’s mine. Kanbo is a task board based vaguely on the boards used in agle-development approaches like Scrum and Kanban (and variations with names like Scrum-ban, Lean, Agile, and what-have-you). Read more

Making Cards Sortable for Kanbo

The plan with Kanbo is to skip having priority fields for tasks and instead to just let the cards be rearranged in whatever order you like. This poses a couple of technical challenges: first, the only nice user interface for rearranging things is drag-and-drop, and second, relational databases are notoriously wedded to the idea that entities are an unordered set, so how should the order be represented? Read more

Running on PostgreSQL on Ubuntu

I have discovered that whenever the name MySQL is mentioned, someone will make a choking gurgling noise and complain that it isn’t PostgreSQL. Now that MySQL has been consumed by Sun, which has in turn been consumed iby Oracle, I thought I would see how hard it is to switch. Read more

Kanbo: Linking Cards to Tasks (or Stories)

One of the principles I am following with Kanbo is that it is not intended to replace your existing task tracker, assuming you have one. Instead the plan is to extract just enough information to display the task board with draggable cards and leave task descriptions, comments, risk assessments, estimates, etc., to your existing tracker. For this to work we need to be able to link to the othe tracker. Read more

Sibling Layout for Django 1.4 Projects

Django 1.4 introduces two big changes that require thinking about: (1) support for time zones, (2) removing some magic about where app modules go on disk. This is as good a time as any to update the layout of my Django projects. Read more

Generosity when Accepting Postcodes

When designing forms for web sites that accept postcodes or similar, it should be the web site, not the user, who has to convert it in to a canonical form that is easy to store and process. Read more

Django Updates

Now I have upgraded to Python-3, porting my site to Django 2.0 was pretty straightforward. Read more

Celerating Ooble

My latest experimental web server needs a task queue to do asynchronous processing. Here’s how I deploy Celery on my Ubuntu server. Read more

Ooble: Work in Progress

New side project: I am working on a microblogging app called Ooble. The aim is to be able to replace my use of Tumblr for linking to web pages I find interesting and making short notes. Read more