Hourly Comics

Hourly comics are supposed to be drawn on the hour and 1 Feburary is traditionally Hourly Comics Day. So here, in a change from the usual format, is a day in the life of someone like me:

(tier 1)
(tier 2)
(tier 3)
(tier 4)
(tier 5)
(tier 6)
(tier 7)
(tier 8)
(tier 9)
(tier A)

Gloss: The new job is Photocrowd. UX is the designer’s jargon for user experience. That 500px craziness. Atomic Burger is reviwed by Kate Turner on girleatsoxford. The Keen Bean coffes shop is inside the Truck shop and has a facebook page. We played Race for the Galaxy and Starfares of Catan. There is a little more on Jamie and Sanri on my LiveJournal.