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Keyboard subcult

I have been reading up on mechanical keyboards and the subculture that has started growing around them. Read more

Easterntimes Tech I-500 (VicTsing 87-Key)

As a strange consequence of my employer’s custom of pair programming I acquired an interest in mechanical-keyboards. I have now bought a couple—one for the office and one as a backup at home. Here is a quick review of one of them. Read more

Thinking about Building a Keyboard

Wouldn’t it be fun to build a computer keyboard from scratch? Well, maybe so. Here are some links to resources that might be useful to someone considering such a folly. Read more

Plate plotting

My new hobby is building a computer keyboard (see previous articles for more about building keyboards and keyboard goals). I have ordered in components such as key caps, key switches, and a lifetime supply of 1N4148 diodes, but there is one part I have to work out how to build for myself—the plate. Read more

Plato, a Python module for plotting plates

As part of my new hobby to build a computer keyboard, I have to draw the instructions for the cutting of the plate the switches are held in (see previous post for more on what the plate is). Rather than learn how to install and use a CAD system to do this, I have written a Python module to do it for me. Read more


I built a Zlant, an eccentric staggered 40% mechanical keyboard. Read more