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Optimor Redesign

By February 2012 the company website for Optimor, http://optimorlabs.com/ had not been updated since 2008. You can see the old version of the site in the Internet Wayback Machine. Amongst other problems, the ‘latest news’ article was about billmonitor’s launch a few years ago and used the old capitalization of the name. There was no budget to get a designer in to update it, so I took it on myself. Read more

CAPTION Web Site 1998–2011

Some friends and I started a small comics convention in Oxford called CAPTION a few years ago—so long ago, in fact, that it predates web sites for events like or anything like that. I started created brochure sites for CAPTION from 1998 (though I think that SpaceCAPTION1999 was the first to have a real promotional site). Reading through the old archives it’s interesting seeing the capabilites of web styling—and my facility with them—improving from year to year. So here is a slideshow! Read more