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Running on PostgreSQL on Ubuntu

I have discovered that whenever the name MySQL is mentioned, someone will make a choking gurgling noise and complain that it isn’t PostgreSQL. Now that MySQL has been consumed by Sun, which has in turn been consumed iby Oracle, I thought I would see how hard it is to switch. Read more

Switching from FastCGI to uWSGI

I decided to spend a day updating my web sites to the latest software. In accordance with the laws of sofware enstimation, this took rather longer than I intended, but never mind that. Apart from upgrading the underlying operating system from Ubuntu 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS, I also wanted to switch from FastCGI hosting my sites to uWSGI. Read more

Celerating Ooble

My latest experimental web server needs a task queue to do asynchronous processing. Here’s how I deploy Celery on my Ubuntu server. Read more