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I want my, I want my SVG

As noted below, I have been experimenting with SVG. So far I have been forced to borrow Jeremy’s NT box because I cannot get any of the Linux-based SVG viewers to work. Mozilla with SVG (Alex Fritze’s build #6, based on Mozilla 0.9.3) cannot run on my RedHat-6.1-based desktop, because I lack some libraries. I have downloaded Mozilla+SVG for Windows NT, which annoyingly does not display (1) the examples in the W3C recommendation for SVG, (2) the SVG test suite, (3) Adobe’s SVG samples, or (4) my hand-written SVG files. I’m not even going to try to install any of the Java-based SVG viewers until I have thoroughly upgraded my Linux box. Sodipodi sounds attractive, but again I need more libraries. (I understand Debian GNU/Linux’s package manager will automatically acquire missing dependencies—is this true?) So for now I will have to do my cross-platform development on a borrowed Windows NT box...

Fixed on Mozilla?

It turns out my front page did not work on Mozilla—the division containing the main text started at the top of the screen rather than 76px down from the top (as I has expected, given that its top margin was 76px). I changed this, but in order to test on Mozilla (which takes some minutes to start up on my K6/233) I needed to persuade thttpd to serve CSS marked as type text/css. (This is necessary because the W3C specs require that web browsers believe what web servers tell them, and it it says a file is text/plain it is not a style sheet.)

In theory I did this months ago (edit mime_types.txt, rebuild, reinstall). Testing this is a pain as well—Mozilla 0.9.7 does not give any easy way to find the content-type of auxillary files, so you have to type HTTP requests in to TELNET by hand... In the end it ocurred to me to run TELNET in an Emacs buffer so at least the retyping of HEAD /mumble/foo/bar.css HTTP/1.0 could be done almost-automatically... In the end it turns out that I needed to do make clean to force a complete rebuild, otherwise changes to mime_types.txt made no difference :-(.

Mozilla doesn’t do SVG yet

Added a paragraph to my Tarot section about how Mozilla does not support SVG. This is not news, exactly, but it is disapointing that there are no new development on the plug-in fiasco—apart from a succession of duplicate reports of the bug (which I have discovered is difficult to locate if you don’t memorize its number).

JavaScript image loading problems

The image-cycling feature of the Picky Picky Game prototype depends on using JavaScript to load images. If you click on the Cycle button before the images have been prloaded, then nothing visible happens—it appears to have failed. There is no way for the user to see whether the images have loaded or not. I have attempted to add such an indication, only to be thwarted by what appear to be bugs in the web browsers I have tried it on. Read more

No font-size-adjust yet

Today I have tweaked the CSS for the new look slightly: subheadings within articles no longer live in the left margin, and italics have gone a little curlier. Read more