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Fixed on Mozilla?

It turns out my front page did not work on Mozilla—the division containing the main text started at the top of the screen rather than 76px down from the top (as I has expected, given that its top margin was 76px). I changed this, but in order to test on Mozilla (which takes some minutes to start up on my K6/233) I needed to persuade thttpd to serve CSS marked as type text/css. (This is necessary because the W3C specs require that web browsers believe what web servers tell them, and it it says a file is text/plain it is not a style sheet.)

In theory I did this months ago (edit mime_types.txt, rebuild, reinstall). Testing this is a pain as well—Mozilla 0.9.7 does not give any easy way to find the content-type of auxillary files, so you have to type HTTP requests in to TELNET by hand... In the end it ocurred to me to run TELNET in an Emacs buffer so at least the retyping of HEAD /mumble/foo/bar.css HTTP/1.0 could be done almost-automatically... In the end it turns out that I needed to do make clean to force a complete rebuild, otherwise changes to mime_types.txt made no difference :-(.