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CAPTION96 Photo album

This is a selection of images collected at the CAPTION96 comics convention (in the summer of 1996). Attentive readers will have noticed that there is almost a year-long gap between the con and the photo album. This is partly explained by the amount a manual labour involved in scanning all those 7×5 photos on my none-too-fast scanner and moving the files from the Mac with the scanner to the Linux box with all my web site stuff on.

Update: With the creation of the CAPTION web site, this album has moved home and in the process has been redesigned with a less archaic look.

Update (23 April 2010): I have created a new version of the CAPTION96 album on my Ancient Photo Albums site.

CAPTION97 photo album

I took almost 200 pictures of small-press-comics folk at the convention EuroCAPTION97. Here's the finished album, with many of the duff pictures discarded. Update: With the creation of the CAPTION web site, this album has moved home and in the process has been redesigned with a less archaic look.

My Fabulous Life

I have uploaded an electronic version of the minicomic I did in Jeremy’s workshop at CAPTION2000. The original was drawn as 16 panels on some page sized a bit over A4, and cut and folded in to a 16-page comic.

Welcome to caption.org

We have created a new web site for CAPTION: http://caption.org. The CAPTION material on this site has all been moved across, and on this site will be replaced with redirections to the new site. This is just as well, as the Alleged Literature site had used up 20750438 bytes of its 20971520-byte quota—that’s 98·95% full!

Caption 2001 photos

It is a tradition of Caption that the photos of the event take months if not years to appear. This year is no exception—I am still working on indexing the pictures nicely... but the first cut of my Caption 2001 photo album is now on-line, and not before time. I’m even trying to munge several of the photos together in to animations.

Photo Albums converted...

I have now converted the photo albums (Aviemore, Roch Castle, and Bologna) on my old site (http://www.alleged.demon.co.uk/) to go on the new site (http://www.alleged.org.uk/). In the process I have ripped out the old HTMLgen code that generated them and replaced it with the more streamlined TclHTML equivalent (using the code I concocted when building the photo albums on the CAPTION site). As a result, the last vestiges of the old Alleged look and feel (with the tabbed-notebook style) is gone! I guess it must be time for a redesign, then... :-)

Caption.org update

No update to the Alleged Tarot (yet) this week... Jeremy needed the Mac to do her flier for the exhibition for CAPTION 2002, so it wasn’t available for me to finish drawing Judgement and The World—and I do not want to skimp on this fairly elaborate card. Also I had some work of my own for the CAPTION web site I’been puting off. After a few false starts (and some confusion as to which server I should be publishing it on) there is now another page or two on caption.org.

And my Mac has stopped talking to the laser printer attached to my Linux box. To be honest, I can’t quite remember how we got it working last time, but I think in the end I used Apple’s own LPR-based printer driver (as opposed to netatalk’s AppleLink printer daemon). My attempts to use this again result in a useless error message (‘internal error’). Presumably it got broken in the upgrade to Mac OS 9. It doesn’t help that Macs just will not print unless you can point to the physical hardware. Presumably there is some dance you can do to get around this, given that one is supposedly able to send a disc full of PostScript to a bureau whose printer would not even fit in your house.

How to make minicomics (caption.org)

I have added a couple of pages about how to draw minicomics to the CAPTION 2002 web site. Not a very profound bit of writing, but I hope some people will find it useful.

There is also now a proper biog page for Jeremy’s section of this site, complete with some new pictures. There are still some links left to the old site, but we’re working on it...

Update (20 June 2010) Jeremy]s sectio has been obsoleted by the Jermey Day web site.

CAPTION 2002 advert

Jeremy has created an advert for CAPTION 2002 for which we have the screen version seen here (add it to your web site today!) and high-resolution versions suitable for printing (150 mm × 58 mm at 300 dpi). Note that the high-resolution files are not planned as permanent links.

Caption 2002

This weekend was Caption 2002—‘Caption Noir’. It all seemed to go really well—not that I can take much credit for it, since all I was responsible for was making the badges for attendees, and as it turned out I didn’t make enough! That means we had many more walk-ins than were were planning.

Jeremy was very busy, as always. She had big tasks: the mail-art exhibition (which this year took the forms of dozens of black butterflies fluttering on invisible threads down a corridor), and a workshop during which three teams drew ‘noir’ comics based on plot points drawn at random out of beer glasses.

Picky Picky periodicity

My back-burner project for the CAPTION web site is something that I shall give the working name of Picky Picky Game. This game will work in rounds, with everyone able to vote for a picture from this round at the same time as people are submitting pictures for the next round. The idea is that we make a comic strip out of the favourite pictures from each round.

A round might last a week or a month (depending on how often people submit new pictures), so I want to make it a configuration parameter. The code I was working on today was the routine that works out the current round number, given today’s date, the start date, and the period. For example, if we had 2-week rounds and had started on 1 January 2002, then we would today (2002-10-31) be in Round 21.

CAPTION Web Site 1998–2011

Some friends and I started a small comics convention in Oxford called CAPTION a few years ago—so long ago, in fact, that it predates web sites for events like or anything like that. I started created brochure sites for CAPTION from 1998 (though I think that SpaceCAPTION1999 was the first to have a real promotional site). Reading through the old archives it’s interesting seeing the capabilites of web styling—and my facility with them—improving from year to year. So here is a slideshow! Read more