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TurboGears and OpenID

I thought I might have a go at familiarizing myself with TurboGears, one of the new Python web frameworks, by writing a new and improved clone of the Picky Picky Game. Step one was verifying that I can upload pictures easily. Step two was getting an identity system put together. Creating a registration page and log-in form and so on is the obvious and dull solution, so I thought I’d have a go at exploiting OpenID instead. Read more

TurboGears and OpenID, part 2

I wrote that I planned to return to my TurboGears version of the Picky Picky Game once I had picture-uploading working. Yesterday I finally had a spare afternoon to do some more hacking on Picky2, and got uploading of pictures working. But before that I will finish off my description of doing authentication with OpenID. Read more