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SVG: embed or object?

I have been forced to post a response to a page in SVGWiki, because my attempts to enter a response using the Wiki page itself have failed with a VBScript error. I also have to say that while I think the Wiki concept of universal editorship is great, its reliance on its own quirky syntax is a little annoying. (On the other hand, HTML is not as amenable to hand-editing as it might be. This is a result of its being based on the splendidly verbose SGML syntax.)

Update (8 May 2002). I have updated SVGWiki—after connecting to it with MSIE rather than Mozilla or Opera. Perhaps there is some MSIE-specific JavaScript code involved?

Update (14 February 2004). My note on the object tag has been updated to reflect the fact that Safari 1.0 (released 2003) cannot handle objects containing embed.

JavaScript image loading problems

The image-cycling feature of the Picky Picky Game prototype depends on using JavaScript to load images. If you click on the Cycle button before the images have been prloaded, then nothing visible happens—it appears to have failed. There is no way for the user to see whether the images have loaded or not. I have attempted to add such an indication, only to be thwarted by what appear to be bugs in the web browsers I have tried it on. Read more

New layout for archive pages

I have fiddled with the layout of the archive pages of the Picky Picky Game so that (a) it lays out all the panels in one row, rather than wrapping to multiple tiers per page, andf (b) it uses an HTML table to achieve the layout. This should remove the occasional glitch where cycling panels caused the layout to change. Read more

Alleged Tarot brush-up (3)

The SVG-powered simulated deal now works on Safari. In the end I achieved this by using the special attribute that signals to Adobe that it should use its own JavaScript engine, not its host’s (in this case, Safari’s). I have also belatedly switched the script to using document.URL to find its URL rather than the HTML-style location.search (which fails on Safari as well). Read more

No font-size-adjust yet

Today I have tweaked the CSS for the new look slightly: subheadings within articles no longer live in the left margin, and italics have gone a little curlier. Read more

SVG Tarot in Safari 4

I created the Alleged Tarot in 2002 using SVG, which I was confident at the time was the next big thing in web graphics. Seventy thousand years later, I notice that Safari 4 supports SMIL-style animations in SVG, which means that the commentary and animations I incorporated in to the card designs now work again for the first time since Adobe abandoned their SVG Viewer plug-in. Read more

Recipe for SVG to PNG with svg2png

The SVG files generated by Lineform have a viewBox attribute and no width and height attributes on the outermost svg element. This is good because it means that is necessary to get Webkit browsers (at least) to treat them as scalable (apparently the S in SVG was not enough of a hint). Alas! the svg2png utility I want to use to downgrade SVG files to PNG requires width and height attributes or it assumes nonsensical values. Here’s my silly recipe for achieving this without having two copies of every SVG file. Read more