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Intelligent Design versus Intelligent Theology

The American heresy of Intelligent Design is being mentioned on the Today programme on Hiroshima Day. On the one hand, we need the human race to grow up and reach a consensus that can eliminate the threat of atomic warfare; on the other hand, anti-scientific religious dogma has an all-too-prominent role in governments of nuclear powers. Read more

Three rules for referendums

The recent referendum has underlined some of the problems with referendums as a way of deciding issues. Here’s my ideas for lessons we might learn and apply in the future. Read more

Three-way referendums

Another entry about referendums in the abstract, as my way of not talking about the referendum that has just happened. This time I am touching on the question of how to handle multiple-choice decisions. Read more

Selecting Prime Minister

Minor suggestion for reform in the UK parliament: the Prime Minister should be voted on by MPs, rather than just paid-up party members, as occurred in 2022, or through back-room deals as at the end of the New Labour government. Read more

Counting votes

I was one of the guest observers at the election count on the evening of 4 July 2024 and it was interesting seeing the process in action in detail. Read more