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Now with BMP support

To make it easier to create pictures for the Picky Picky Game, I have added code to automatically convert Microsoft Windows Bitmap (.bmp) files into PNGs.

This is straightforward because I already was using PIL to check the dimensions of the images. Converting to PNG (if the format is one PIL knows) is pretty simple:

permittedTypes = ['image/png', 'image/jpeg', 'image/pjpeg', 'image/gif']
if not imt in permittedTypes:
    buf = StringIO.StringIO()
    im.save(buf, 'PNG')
    data = buf.getvalue()
    logger.log(slog.WARNING, 'Converted your image from %s to image/png' % imt,
	       'This may have lead to a slight loss of image quality.')
    imt = 'image/png'

The above goes in the sequence of checks on uploaded images (after the check for width × height, but before the check for number of bytes). I think I spent longer creating a BMP image to test it on than I did writing the new code!

The advantage of BMP support is that, if you have Microsoft Windows, then you definitely have Microsoft Paint installed. So long as you know about Start menu → Programs → Accessories → Paint, and the Image → Attributes menu item, you can create panels for Picky Picky Game.

Generating the printed comic with ReportLab

My Percy Street comic strip is published on-line at 100 dpi, using HTML to arrange the panels on the page. I draw the pages at 300 dpi, which should be just high enough resolution to print on paper. The printed version uses PDF rather than HTML to lay out the page. (The page has to be laid out because I am drawing each panel as a separate image.) Read more