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May Morning 2002 photos

There is long tradition of celebrating the First of May, called Beltane by pagan types. In Oxford, choirboys greet the rising sun by singing from Magdalen College tower, while the townsfolk gather below on Magdalen Bridge. For the last few years the bridge has been closed to the public (citing structural weakness in the bridge). This year we were allowed back on the bridge again. I borrowed Jeremy’s newest digital camera for the occasion and took some photos.

Cycle Lanes are not Cyclist Territory

When I am cycling home up Iffley Road in Oxford I am annoyed by the dozen or so cars parked in the cycle lane. I shouldn’t be though: cycle lanes are not cyclists’ territory; they aren’t really there for cyclists at all. Read more

Oxford Spelling on macOS

After a lot of creative searching I discover it is possible to set up a Mac to permit Oxford spelling (organize vs organise). Read more