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TurboGears and OpenID

I thought I might have a go at familiarizing myself with TurboGears, one of the new Python web frameworks, by writing a new and improved clone of the Picky Picky Game. Step one was verifying that I can upload pictures easily. Step two was getting an identity system put together. Creating a registration page and log-in form and so on is the obvious and dull solution, so I thought I’d have a go at exploiting OpenID instead. Read more

Birds of a Feather

I’m still abuzz after the Oxford Geeks Nights #1 last night. Working as I do in the slime pits of Microsoft Windows ASP.NET, it was exciting just seeing so many Macs lined up on the stage, their little apple logos glowing in the semidarkness; the only non-Macs I spotted were running Ubuntu Linux or similar. Read more

OpenID versus Single-Sign-On Server

While trying to figure out how to implement a single-sign-on (SSO) system for a custom with OpenID, I has a minor insight when I realized that OpenID is not a SSO server. Its actual purpose is slightly different. Read more