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SVG: embed or object?

I have been forced to post a response to a page in SVGWiki, because my attempts to enter a response using the Wiki page itself have failed with a VBScript error. I also have to say that while I think the Wiki concept of universal editorship is great, its reliance on its own quirky syntax is a little annoying. (On the other hand, HTML is not as amenable to hand-editing as it might be. This is a result of its being based on the splendidly verbose SGML syntax.)

Update (8 May 2002). I have updated SVGWiki—after connecting to it with MSIE rather than Mozilla or Opera. Perhaps there is some MSIE-specific JavaScript code involved?

Update (14 February 2004). My note on the object tag has been updated to reflect the fact that Safari 1.0 (released 2003) cannot handle objects containing embed.

Bizarre fantasies of an Extensible Mark-Up Language

I'm awake at 05:00 unable to sleep and instead working on migrating the working copy of my web site to my laptop so that I can eventually retire my old desktop. One of the importunate thoughts bouncing about in my sleep-deprived brain is something someone at work said about some weirdos he'd heard of who actually (ab)use XML as some sort of (standard) generalized mark-up language. This bizarre (to him) concept involves one choosing a set of XML tags to express the structure of the text (as if text could have structure!), which is ludicrous because how would anyone be able to read it? One would have to use XSLT to transform it in to HTML, so why not use HTML in the first place, eh? Read more

MU compared with ...

I have been outlining a hypothetical alternative to XML that I am calling MU. In this note I compare MU to some other mark-up notations. Read more

Markdown + Make versus Microsoft Word

I have written a short note about using make and sed with Markdown to maintain a collection of HTML documents. Programmers are forever writing documentation (proposals, specifications, technical notes, and so on), and the latest stage in my quest to make writing prose as frictionless as possible I have started using Markdown to do this. Before that I wrote in HTML with some XML mixed in to better handle sectioning; before that I used Microsoft Word. Read more

Simplicity versus Flash

Last week I was struggling with Adobe Flash development, wishing that my recommendation that we drop Flash and spend the programming time on improving our fall-back HTML+JavaScript version instead had not fallen on such stony ground. Then on Sunday there was a flurry of articles speculating that not only is Apple’s iPhone missing an implementation of Flash, but Apple might not intend to add one---and might even want to start pushing web developers towards alternatives like HTML+JavaScript. Read more

Fun! with Ajax

A couple of weekends ago I decided to take up one of the Work Items for CouchDb: write a client for the server that runs as JavaScript in the user’s browser, Ajax-style. As someone whose day job is writing web sites using Microsoft ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server, writing an application in plain JavaScript+HTML comes as a refreshing change. Read more

iPhone Landscape Zoom Prevent

Writing the CSS for a responsive or mobile site and it inexplicably zooms in when I turned the phone in to landscape mode. I want it to show more text when I rotate, not enlarge the text that is already there. Read more