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The Five of Wands

. 5

Upright: minor problems, struggle

Reversed: rivalry, squabbling, disruption

After the stability of 4, the number 5 represents disruption and discord; to Discordians, it is Eris’s own number. The fives are generaly inauspicious cards in tarot, but when balanced against with the positive, creative energy of the suit of Wands, the 5 isn’t as bad as all that. It represents a problem or set-back, but nothing beyond what one’s resourcefulness cannot deal with. In fact, it may even be welcomed as break from the norm, or chance to demonstrate one’s mastery of the situation.

I have illustrated this card with a cyclist repairing a puncture—thus while his journey is interrupted, the interruption is short-lived, because he as the tools he needs to repair the damage.

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