Damian CugleyAlleged Tarot 2002


Jocelyn Almond and Keith Seddon, Understanding Tarot.
ISBN 1-85538-087-0. In the process of discussing interpretations of the cards, this book gives short descriptions of the imagery. I found this useful as a starting-point for drawing them. Also, the keywords along the top and bottom edges of the cards (apart from the court cards) are lifted directly from this book.
Jonathan Dee, Tarot, 1999.
ISBN 0-75257-637-2. Sold with a tarot deck Jeremy bought in a cheapie book shop for £3.
Rowenna Stuart, Collins Gem Tarot, 1999.
Illustrated with the quasi-mediaeval imagery of the 18th-century Tarot of Marseilles. Nice potted history of Tarot, and outlines of the symbolism. I used this book for the physical descriptions of the court cards (hair and eye colour) and the zodiac attributions.
Charlotte and Peter Fiell, Chairs (Taschen Icons series), 2001.
Illustrates important chair designs form the whole of the twentieth century (and a few from the end of the nineteenth, such as the King of Wands chair, which is from 1897), and gives biographies of the designers. I referred to this book while drawing some of the chairs in the court cards.
Aeclectic Tarot web site
Collects information about hundreds of existing Tarot decks, with images of sample cards from each deck.. Also hosts the Tarot Forums.
Queen of Pentacles web site
A tarot reader’s perspectives on tarot and tarot cards