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The Two of Cups

. 2

Upright: love, friendship, marriage

Reversed: quarrels, separation, divorce

The suit of Cups relates to life, domestic relations, love, and emotion. The Two of Cups thus represents a relationship between two people—this might be friendship, an affair or marriage. It does not have to be literally a love affair—it might relate to a business partnership or other collaboration, with trust and support on both sides.

In drawing the Twos cards I used a single figure for Coins and Wands, female for Coins and male for Wands (their triaditional gender associations). For Cups and Swords I used two figures, because these suits are the the more archetypically feminine and masculine. Thus this card shows two women who are apparently embarking on a domestic arrangement of some sort—symbolized by looking at cups in a shop window.

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