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Three SVG Articles on XML.com

The three headline articles on XML.com all concern SVG: The Visual Display of Quantitative XML (Fabio Arciniegas A.) transforms data using XSLT (and uses JavaScript for interaction that I have shown can be done with intrinsic animation); Server-Side SVG (J. David Eisenberg) describes using Java with Batik to serve SVG graphics, with fall-back to JPEG or PNG should the user’s browser not support SVG; Doing that Drag Thang (Antoine Quint) gives a system for making draggable objects in SVG (using EcmaScript); this is the second in his series, which starts with Digging Animation, where he compares SVG with SWF (Macromedia Flash) and shows how to suplicate a simple interactive animation.

Website tweaks

I've started a gradual redesgin of my personal webspace. Anyone who actually visits the page will have noticed I added a background pattern taken from Squidfingers.com. I am in the process of revamping the links to other stuff I do on-line. Read more