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New format!

I’ve been envying my friends with all their Livejournal sites (such as cleanskies and tinyjo) and other web logs (such as Dave Winer’s). Given that I already have to struggle to keep my work log up to date, I don’t think I’m up to keeping a journal of my own, but I did want to ape the layout for my own pages.

In particular, I have gone from a vaguely chronological list of stuff to a strictly chronological order of short paragraphs, with pointers to longer articles or photo albums. This style allows for me to add short notes on whatever takes my fancy without special effort as well. I also have permanent links for each entry (the # links next to the date). Given the snail-like pace of progress in my area of my site, my archives are annual rather than monthly...

This is all cobbled together in a semi-automated fashion (using TclHTML)—not quite as mechanized as a proper weblog, but simpler to implement. Entries are kept in spearate disc files on my home PC, and assembled in to the HTML pages automatically. Now the display of entries is sorted out I plan to partially automate the creation of new entries.

Photo Albums converted...

I have now converted the photo albums (Aviemore, Roch Castle, and Bologna) on my old site (http://www.alleged.demon.co.uk/) to go on the new site (http://www.alleged.org.uk/). In the process I have ripped out the old HTMLgen code that generated them and replaced it with the more streamlined TclHTML equivalent (using the code I concocted when building the photo albums on the CAPTION site). As a result, the last vestiges of the old Alleged look and feel (with the tabbed-notebook style) is gone! I guess it must be time for a redesign, then... :-)

Jeremy’s TWS returns

Jeremy’s The Weekly Strip went on something of a hiatus after her trip to Amsterdam over Easter. To celebrate its return I have belatedly moved the TWS files across from the old Alleged Literature web site to alleged.org.uk. In the process I rearranged the directory structure (or URL design, to use TBL’s phrase) to be more consistent—something that required fiddly changes to some 300 or so links in more than 50 files. Luckily all the files are generated automatically so all I actually had to do was tweak three Tcl procedures and TclHTML handled the rest. Smug.

Migrating my website workspace, part 1

My website is maintained by a rather complex amalgamation of software, accreted over generations. Having migrated it from my old desktop lickity to my new(ish) PowerBook Ariel, I now want to migrate it again to my new server Tranq (a Tranquil PC T2); this will allow me to use cron to keep some parts up-to-date automatically. Read more