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SVG fonts; SVG Problems

I have created proper card mock-ups of my two Alleged Tarot 2002—adding the title of the card in a font I have cobbled together for the occasion. The SVG format allows for the creation of fonts using SVG primitives, and just this once I have elected to write a font by entering the numbers by hand, viewing some sample text, and changing the numbers til it looks right (yes, I know this is crazy). To do this I an using a text editor on Jeremy’s NT box, displaying the SVG in MSIE with Adobe’s plug-in. It works so long as I include the font definition in the same SVG file; my attempts to use indirect @font-face definitions (so the font data can be in one file shared by all the SVG files) have so far failed. Also, after repeated reloads of slightly broken SVG files, the plug-in eventually crashes and takes MSIE with it.

I also discovered a strange anomaly when using the image element to include one SVG file in another: it all worked OK while I was viewing SVG in files (file://... URLs), but when the same images were installed on my test server, the referenced image vanished! Worse, after I had tried viewing them from the web server, the same problem manifested when I viewed the corresponding files on disc. After closing MSIE and restarting it I was able to view the files again. The workaround for this problem is to not use images indirectly, and instead to copy the referenced SVG direct in to the referring image. At some point I will make a script for doing this automatically...

I have tried viewing these images with Mozilla 0.9.7 with SVG. The simple images are partially displayed, but the viewBox attribute is ignored; as a result you see only the top-left corner of the image! Also, the colours are all replaced with shades of blue and magenta. The fancy versions with the title displayed in my special font do not display at all.