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Webclasses considered harmful

After a hiatus of a couple of years, here is a new essay about web development. I’m afraid this time the experience I am drawing on is negative rather than positive: Just say No to webclasses. OK, I admit this is something of an obscure topic for a rant—you probably will never have heard of this particular web-application framework before today. But it is sadly occuplying all to much of my working life these days... :-(

Jack Bauer Wrecks Trek

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Star Trek tells us more about American foreign policy than it does about the future. I have recently had occasion to read a couple of Trek novels for the first time in years and I find that the future society the stories has set in has become a nasty, cynical place in which the only thing you can depend upon is that female Vulcans are duplicitous and yet sexy evil-doers. Read more

PHP is Wrong

PHP is at best a mediocre programming language; it’s only reason for existing is that it is designed for writing HTML pages for web sites. So why is it that it completely lacks any understanding of HTML? Read more

Without Writing a Single Line of Code

I am beginning to get a sinking feeling whenever I hear yet another person demonstrating how they can ‘just slap some controls on a form’ to make an almost-working app in minutes, and concluding ‘and all without writing a single line of code’! Read more

Please Either Don’t Use Latin Abbreviations or Use Them Correctly

Writing the first draft of a style guide for my employer was rather fun—I got to pontificate. I tried to keep the points to a minimum and mostly cite my favourite books on usage: Hart’s Rules, ODWE, and Strunk & White, mentioning exceptions such as the use of ‘data’ and ‘code’ as mass nouns when referring to the muck that clogs up computers, and the writing of the time as ‘9:05 a.m.’ rather than ‘9.5 a.m.’ Read more

Make Names out of Words

I am still annoyed with Bjarne Stroustrup for naming his C-with-classes C++ rather than D, P, C2, or Objectastic-C. It isn’t just that no-one seems to have been able to decide whether C++ code files should be called foo.cpp, foo.cxx, foo.cc, or foo.C, it is hard to punctuate sentences mentioning it, and that you end up with names like C++/CLI, and so on. What makes it worse is that it inspires people to name their languages things like [incr Tcl], C# (which is spelled C# but pronounced C♯), and . To say nothing of More Th<n, Yahoo!, Samsung Ch@t 335, etc. Read more