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Now with added subjects

I have added a rudimentary subject-tagging scheme to the system I use to publish these web pages. Not Faceted Metadata, not Topic Maps, just subject elements in the style of the Dublin Core. My ‘database’ of entries are just files on disc, and they can now have dc:subject elements using topic names from an ad-hoc taxonomy (that is a fancy way of saying I just make up the topic names as I go alonmg). The Tcl script that generates subjects.html scans all the files for such elements and builds up its database of links in-memory. It then writes all the index pages automatically.

Only entries I have taken the time to tag with subjects will be included, of course.

Desktop Web Server in .Net

Web servers started as a solution to getting information from other sites. Then it became convenient to use HTML and HTTP on one's local-area network, and for some reason we had to call that idea an 'intranet' to make people pay attention. Sometimes it is useful to run a mini-server on the same computer as your desktop application; in this note I'll discuss this idea in the context of an application written to Microsoft's .Net platform, since that's what we use at work. Read more