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Drupal and email

For once something I am learning at work is useful in real life: I am using Drupal (which I have been working on since last month) to implement a new version of the CAPTION web site. So far it has been plain sailing, more or less, except I hit a roadblock with user self-registration: Drupal could not send mail. It seems this is a known problem with Drupal that has not been fixed in years. Read more

Drupal with Wysiwyg and Popups and TinyMCE

Our Drupal site uses the Popups module to show a form containing text areas that our client want to use a wysiwyg editor. We are doing this using the Wysiwyg module, which in turn hooks in one of the popular rich-text editor packages, in our case TinyMCE. With a little additional effort we have managed to get TinyMCE to kick in and make the text areas wysiwygified—but only the first time the form is shown; subsequent pop-up forms have the Wysiwyg module’s additions, but not TinyMCE’s. Read more

PHP is Wrong

PHP is at best a mediocre programming language; it’s only reason for existing is that it is designed for writing HTML pages for web sites. So why is it that it completely lacks any understanding of HTML? Read more

Grouping, or, Trying to Say Something Nice About PHP

A fairly common requirement on a database-backed website (say) is to read in tabular information and turn it in to a hierarchy. Without a little bit of planning it is easy to let the code for this get obscure and difficult to read. PHP has features that should be used to keep grouping clear. Read more

URL Routing > URL Rewriting

One of the differences between Django and many older web application platforms such as PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, etc., is that it has no implicit URL routes: every URL that is handled by your Django site is handled by matching it in a URLconf. And this is a good thing. Read more