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CAPTION96 Photo album

This is a selection of images collected at the CAPTION96 comics convention (in the summer of 1996). Attentive readers will have noticed that there is almost a year-long gap between the con and the photo album. This is partly explained by the amount a manual labour involved in scanning all those 7×5 photos on my none-too-fast scanner and moving the files from the Mac with the scanner to the Linux box with all my web site stuff on.

Update: With the creation of the CAPTION web site, this album has moved home and in the process has been redesigned with a less archaic look.

Update (23 April 2010): I have created a new version of the CAPTION96 album on my Ancient Photo Albums site.

CAPTION97 photo album

I took almost 200 pictures of small-press-comics folk at the convention EuroCAPTION97. Here's the finished album, with many of the duff pictures discarded. Update: With the creation of the CAPTION web site, this album has moved home and in the process has been redesigned with a less archaic look.

Roch castle and Bologna mini-albums

Fifteen of us hired Roch Castle in west Wales for a week in late October 1998. I had to leave early, so on my last day there Jeremy gave me a disposable camera to take a few snaps of the outside of the castle.

The first project meeting of the SEAHORSE 2 project was held in Bologna, in northen Italy, on 22 and 23 October 1998. I took the camera with me and took some photos of Bologna.

Aviemore album

Holiday snaps from Aviemore. The Scottish village of Aviemore is best known as a skiing resort. My ex Alex’s parents have a time-share on a lodge there which this year they were not using, so Jeremy, Alex, Adrian and I (Damian) headed up to Scotland for a week spent walking in the forest around the nearby Loch an Eilein and Loch Morlich.

Update (2 April 2007). I have migrated this album to Flickr. The Flickr version also uses 100-dpi rather than 75-dpi scans of the original paper photographs.

Caption 2001 photos

It is a tradition of Caption that the photos of the event take months if not years to appear. This year is no exception—I am still working on indexing the pictures nicely... but the first cut of my Caption 2001 photo album is now on-line, and not before time. I’m even trying to munge several of the photos together in to animations.

Photo Albums converted...

I have now converted the photo albums (Aviemore, Roch Castle, and Bologna) on my old site (http://www.alleged.demon.co.uk/) to go on the new site (http://www.alleged.org.uk/). In the process I have ripped out the old HTMLgen code that generated them and replaced it with the more streamlined TclHTML equivalent (using the code I concocted when building the photo albums on the CAPTION site). As a result, the last vestiges of the old Alleged look and feel (with the tabbed-notebook style) is gone! I guess it must be time for a redesign, then... :-)

May Morning 2002 photos

There is long tradition of celebrating the First of May, called Beltane by pagan types. In Oxford, choirboys greet the rising sun by singing from Magdalen College tower, while the townsfolk gather below on Magdalen Bridge. For the last few years the bridge has been closed to the public (citing structural weakness in the bridge). This year we were allowed back on the bridge again. I borrowed Jeremy’s newest digital camera for the occasion and took some photos.

Ramsgate photos—lost!

While at Ramsgate (last weekend) I bought a disposable camera to take snaps of all the aforementioned relatives. Today I went to collect them to discover that they had been swapped with someone else’s snapshots taken at a family gathering! Given that the photos are developed centrally at some Kodak facility, my photos could be anywhere in the country... They have a system for coping with this—a fill-in form listing 150-odd subjects that might be in your photos (town, holiday, beach, garden, cat, dog, horse, wedding (specify colour of bridesmaids’ dresses), ..., nude/topless, ...). Let’s hope they can find them based on my very vague description.

Aggressive hatchbacks and crocuses

Yesterday I spotted a modified hoarding on Cowley Road that deserved recording, so today when we went out for lunch I took my digital camera and some fresh batteries. They even lasted long enough for me to take a few snaps of early crocuses in the Oxford Botanical Garden. Read more