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And now with added Google

I added a Google sitesearch box to the front of this site. It has been interesting watching www.alleged.org.uk infiltrate the Google database—for a period of a few days, one Google search would find this site, and the next would claim it didn’t exist. My guess is that different subsets of Google’s gigantic server farm have different databases, or something like that.

Search boxes belong near the top right corner of web pages—that’s where people look for them. To accomodate this I rejigged the layout of the front page. I would like to be able to boast it was all a simple case of tweaking the CSS code, but in practice I found it expedient to add two div elements, surrounding the contents of the main and side-bar sections of the page—before that each section had its own div and that was all. Not sure if the result is better or worse as far as structure goes!

Make Names out of Words

I am still annoyed with Bjarne Stroustrup for naming his C-with-classes C++ rather than D, P, C2, or Objectastic-C. It isn’t just that no-one seems to have been able to decide whether C++ code files should be called foo.cpp, foo.cxx, foo.cc, or foo.C, it is hard to punctuate sentences mentioning it, and that you end up with names like C++/CLI, and so on. What makes it worse is that it inspires people to name their languages things like [incr Tcl], C# (which is spelled C# but pronounced C♯), and . To say nothing of More Th<n, Yahoo!, Samsung Ch@t 335, etc. Read more

Setting Up an Android Phone When You Have Two-Factor Authentication

When you buy an Andoid phone for the first time you want to set it up by entring your Gmail password. If you have set up two-factor authentication (also called 2-step verification) then you need a one-time application password to do this: your regular Gmail password will be rejected with a message suggesting wrongly that you have mistyped it. Having remembered this, you now want to find the page for minting a new application password. Now the usability nightmare begins. Read more