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Flickr and del.icio.us tags illustrate why worse is better

Recently the term 'folksonomy' has been coined to refer to the use of unstructured keywords to classify and group resources collaboratively ('resources' as in photos on Flickr and links to web sites on del.icio.us). Supposedly the experts on metadata are chagrined to discover that structured keywords, hierarchical taxonomies, and faceted metadata have been outdone by such a simple system. But this approach isn't actually all that new. Read more

Flickr Badge in SVG

In October 2004 I added a Flickr 'badge' to my home page. Now that someone's asked me how this is done, I am going to explain in a reasonable about of detail how the SVG file is generated automatically from information on Flickr. Even if you don't feel a pressing need to create a SVG file celebrating your Flickr photos, the techniques described herein are fairly widely applicable if you happen to maintain your own web site. Read more