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SVG works with FireFox 1.0 on Mac OS X

More than once I have moaned about the lack of useful SVG support in Mozilla browsers such as FireFox. I installed FireFox 1.0 on my PowerBook this morning, and when I visited my front page I was surprised and delighted to see that the SVG graphics are being displayed! Read more

More on Firefox SVG

Since I wrote my 'First Impressions of Firefox 1.5B1', Jeff Schiller has written a 'Guide to Deploying SVG with HTML', with some workarounds for differences between the Firefox and Adobe views of how compound documents work. He has also linked to the Compound Document Formats working group at the W3C, whose mission is to sort out some of the confusion caused by the glib assumption that we can just mix XML document formats together and Namespaces will sort it out. Read more

Another SVG Roadblock

It is about ten years now since the need was recognized for a standard vector-graphics language for the web; about five since Mozilla rejected Adobe's offer of a free plug-in; a couple of years since they identified SVG support as a key differentiator between Mozilla and Microsoft Internet Explorer---and every time I try to use SVG in a web page, I discover a new, show-stopping bug. Read more